Preparing To Install A New Septic Tank On Your Property

23 December 2017
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There are many reasons why you may be considering installing a new septic tank on your property. For example, the old septic tank may no longer be functioning properly, you could be switching from a public sewer system to a septic tank on your property, or if this is a new home you may be installing the tank for the first time. No matter what the reason for installing a new septic tank there are some things to consider before starting the project. There are also several kinds of tanks you could install. So take some time to consider your options before you install your new tank.

Location Of The New Tank

Location of the new tank particularly important. You want to make sure the tank is installed in an area that will not have vehicle traffic over it. Often this means installing the tank in the backyard or side yard of your home. The location can depend greatly on where the plumbing comes out of the house so if you are unsure of where the best spot for your tank is, speak with the contractor who is doing the work. They can help you find the perfect spot for your tank, and look at the soil around the property to be sure that whatever location you choose will support proper drainage for the septic tank and leach field that will be installed along with it.

Type Of Tank

The most common kind of septic tank is a concrete tank. These tanks are precast or made ahead of time in a factory and transported to the site to be installed in the ground after the site is prepped. It is important to know the size of the tank and the material that is constructed from in order to properly prepare the hole that it will be placed in. In some systems a fiberglass or poly tank can be used, however, these systems are typically not on underground systems. The septic tank does more than just store the waist, it allows for the proper separation of solids from liquids so no matter what the type of tank, the system has to be set up properly for it to work correctly.

The Leach Or Drainage Field

While the septic tank is the most common portion of the system that you hear about, the leach field or drainage field is equally important. When the tank becomes full of liquid the excess liquid will run out the discharge of a tank and into a leach field. The liquid is then absorbed back into the ground why all the solids remain at the bottom of the tank. Over time these solids become sludge and even a properly working system will need to be pumped out every couple of years. If the leach field is not properly draining liquids off, or the outflow pipe from the tank is blocked you may see liquid bubbling up from the ground around your tank. If the ground is very wet, or a strong odor of sewage this present near your tank, you need to call a septic tank repair service, like Honest John's Septic Service Inc, and have them come look at your system.