Common Faqs Regarding Dumpster Rentals

18 December 2017
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If you have junk around the house, it may be time to think about cleaning up. You have several options in the way of trash removal, but renting a dumpster is by far one of the more advantageous ways to go. Here are some of the most common questions regarding dumpster rentals so you know what to expect.

Do you need a permit?

Many homeowners (and business owners) assume that a permit is required for renting a dumpster. But the reality is … it depends.

The best place to inquire is your city or county public works department, but in most situations, you will NOT need a permit unless the dumpster will be placed on a sidewalk, in the street, or on public property.

You'll also be glad to know that some cities require the dumpster hauler to obtain the permit, leaving you free and clear of this responsibility.

Can you use a dumpster for asbestos disposal?

If you know your home or business contains asbestos, it's best to leave it alone. But if you notice certain spots are crumbling, or if you plan to do repairs and upgrades that will disturb the area, you definitely don't want to toss that waste in the dumpster.

In fact, you shouldn't be handling it at all.

While there are no federal laws prohibiting you from removing asbestos from your home, there may be local ordinances that do. And placing asbestos waste in a rented dumpster is not only dangerous, it's against the rules for most rental companies.

If you need asbestos removed from your property, it's best to contact a professional who can not only remove it but have it safely disposed of as well.

Why should you rent a dumpster instead of hauling it off yourself?

Depending on how much trash you have, you might save some money be hauling the trash to the dump yourself. But this isn't always the case, especially if you have to pay by the pound to dispose of it.

Renting a dumpster can be advantageous in several other ways. First, without a dumpster, you'll probably end up piling the junk in your yard, carport, or garage where it will become an eyesore and potentially attract unwanted insects and critters.

Also, a dumpster will prevent you from making multiple trips to the waste facility, saving you time, gas money, and wear and tear on your vehicle.

If you have materials that can be recycled, many dumpster companies are now offering "green" initiatives to their customers, which means they can recycle a large bulk of the trash they receive. This saves the landfills from excess waste and you from having to hunt down a recycling company.

How much do dumpsters cost?

Dumpsters can be rented for as little as a few hundred bucks. But if even the smallest dumpster is too large for your project, ask about smaller, collapsible dumpsters that are much cheaper, running as little as $30.

Contact a company, like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, for more help.