Bringing Elegance To The Portable Restrooms At Your Outdoor Wedding

13 December 2017
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When planning an outdoor wedding, you'll likely need to rent portable restrooms to accommodate guests. This doesn't mean you have to settle for traditional portable toilet stalls. Here are just some ways to bring a little elegance to the portable restroom area at your outdoor wedding venue.

Rent Luxury Mobile Restrooms

Luxury mobile restrooms come with a variety of convenience features, including running water, heating and cooling, and flushing toilets. The luxury goes beyond function with beautiful interior designs featuring muted wall paper or paint, tiled floors, and even marble sinks. Look for an interior design that matches your wedding them or your personal tastes to give guests a pleasant surprise when they use the restroom. For large events, choose from trailers with multiple stalls. These trailers can accommodate multiple people while still giving them private, personal spaces inside.

Accessorize The Exterior

With the right accessories, your mobile restroom trailers can blend into your event venue. Place round tables in between the doors to each stall on the trailer, and cover them with the same tablecloths you'll use in your seating area. Add smaller versions of your reception centerpieces at each table for a beautiful look. You may also want to consider adding baskets filled with small items that might come in handy at an outdoor wedding, such as sunscreen, fans, or sunglasses. For a fun finishing touch to the restroom area, consider rolling out a few red carpets to welcome guests to the restroom area.

Decorate The Interior

With a beautiful design as the backdrop in your luxury restroom rentals, you can add a few personal touches to make the space even more inviting. Place vases filled with flowers on the counters, and place a stack of wedding programs in each stall so guests can take one as they head back to the event. You can also hang ribbons in your wedding colors from the outside of each stall door to bring your decor theme into every corner of the venue. Order lip balm, lotion, and mints with your wedding date or names for a unique way to give guests a few added conveniences in the restroom. Adding a few emergency sewing kits can also be a great option, as it gives guests with wardrobe emergencies a way to repair dress straps, missing buttons, or ripped hems.

Talk to your wedding planner to help you find a restroom rental company with luxury trailer options, and once the trailers arrive at your event venue, take some time to personalize the space and make them a luxurious addition to your special day. Contact a business like GoVannGo to learn more.