How To Improve Customers' Experience At The Pumpkin Patch

12 December 2017
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It has become a tradition for families to visit pumpkin patch farms. Pumpkins are a big part of the fall holidays. They are used to help with celebrating Halloween. This fruit is also complements soups, breads and desserts.

It is true that people love pumpkins during the holiday, but the season only lasts for a couple of months. This is challenging for people who sell this fruit because they are trying to make a profit. You have to maximize every opportunity when customers come to your business. Read on to find out how to improve customers' experience at the pumpkin patch. 

Setup Area For A Picnic

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a family tradition for some people. The weather is usually nice this time of year. Many families try to make an entire day out of this experience. This means eating and participating in activities. If you are not selling food, then you should setup a picnic area. This setup allows families to bring a blanket and food for having a real picnic lunch.

Put Porta-Potties On Display

If you are going to have a picnic area, then your customers are going to need to go to the bathroom. Many cabbage patches are in an outdoor setting and usually do not have a bathroom on the premise. Portable toilets, such as from Potty House Inc, can solve this problem. They can be setup at your location and gives your customers convenient access to a bathroom.

Provide A Schedule Of Events

Some pumpkin patch businesses have a schedule of events lined up for the day. These events may include corn mazes, hayrides and games. The corn mazes allow families to work together to solve the puzzle. It is an activity that takes time and allows you to communicate to get out of the maze. Many of these activities are free, which will make more people want to visit your business.

Taking pictures are a way to end the day. They usually come out beautiful because the families are surrounded by pumpkins. You can setup an area for families to take a picture to remember this event. Customers can also bring in cameras to capture pictures of their entire day at the pumpkin patch.

If customers choose to participate in activities at your business, then you should make the experience good. For example, it should be easy for customers to navigate the patch to find the pumpkin of their choice. You want your customers to enjoy their experience and to tell others about your service.